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Gene Machine 3.1: is a quarantined, a-social derivation from prior versions, performed for the Non-Event: at Home series. Implementing basic facial recognition, this machine is simultaneously shy and curious, both wishes to hide and wishes to reach through the screen to touch you.

Gene Machine 3.1 for Non-Event: at Home, November 24, 2020

Gene Machine 3.0: ("how do you feel") deviates from the first two versions.

Artist statement: "there’s so much power in physical touch; how hands can wield violence, but can also exert such care. to be concrete in this: the state and agents of it— whether it be police, white supremacists, those doctors and scientists who historically have exploited marginalized groups, domestic abusers, sexual assault perpetrators, etc. etc. etc.— can and will continue to hurt us (and furthermore the technologies of violence that extend from our bodies can and will further this).

but we can use our hands to resist and challenge this violence, we can use our hands to heal, to nurture, to care and hold one another and craft the world we want to live in.

but with physical touch being necessarily limited as it is now, i’ve been reflecting on what it means to *feel touched*.

i feel so touched seeing people in the streets; i feel so touched facetiming with friends from far away; i feel so touched seeing how people can find new ways to care for one another, in both microscopic and global ways; i feel touched when i get to know new people who seem to get what im on about, and who want to share in these weirdo projects with me.

ask your friends how do you feel. ask your friends HOW do you feel. ask your friends how do YOU feel. ask your friends how do you FEEL.

thanks for everyone who has touched me."

Gene Machine 3.0 -- "how do you feel", June 20, 2020

Gene Machine 2.0 builds on 1.0, incorporating an EMG sensor as an additional trigger to the patch.

Gene Machine 3.1 at Cold Spring Hollow, February 13, 2020

Gene Machine 1.0 involves a vinyl apron with three pockets containing RFID transceivers, all attached to an Arduino UNO adhered to the center of the piece. RFID tags are worn inside gloves. This piece is interfaced with MAX such that the RFID system acts as triggers for the max patch.

Gene Machine 1.0 at Noise Brunch, January 1st, 2020

Gene Machine 1.0 at Cold Spring Hollow, December 13, 2019

Gene Machine 1.0 at Mixed Nuts, December 6, 2019